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We source a variety of overseas manufactured goods with the right prices & quality.

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Our Story

We’ve been helping clients source goods overseas for more than 25 years.

Our methods and procedures provide a unique level of control and quality assurance to make sure the finished goods meet all specifications and requirements.

Our staff in the USA and overseas cooperate daily to manage each order with careful attention to detail that allows us to consistently deliver quality manufactured goods on time and on budget.

Our many years of experience and accumulated knowledge gives clients the right match for their projects to reduce risk and improve performance.

The Right Connections

The presence of our local representatives with continuing relationships at factories, mills, suppliers, and other facilities assures better cooperation, and potential lower minimum order quantities.

Production Experience

Experience delivering a wide range of goods to top-tier retailers in the USA and Canada helps to get everything right and thus avoids problems for clients.

Unique Methods

Our methods and procedures have been refined over time to allow staff to control every detail of sourcing and manufacture to make sure clients are happy with the results.


We have our own staff handle every phase of sourcing from pricing and sampling through production, packaging, testing, packing, and shipping.

Local knowledge and experience help make the difference in finding the right partners to perform every phase of production, and provides tighter control of the huge number of big and little details that go into a successful project.

A long history of sourcing production over a wide range of product categories gives us the advantage to guide your next project through the challenges of overseas manufacturing.

See for yourself the difference that knowledge, experience, and the right people on-site can bring to your projects.


Let’s Work Together!

We’re eager to show you how well we can handle your orders and how we strive to get the right suppliers, timing, pricing and quality for every product.